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What is on your catering menu?

We offer a wide variety of meals delivered directly to your campfire site! Our most popular selection is our Hot Dog Roast Box, which includes everything you’ll need for a classic hot dog roast with s’mores. And our specialty is our Grand Goblin Meal, which includes BBQ pork, classic side dishes and a selection of our bakery specialties.

Vala’s Catering Menu 2020

Who can order catering?

Anyone who reserves a campfire site or party room can order Vala’s catering. We deliver directly to your party site and clean up when it’s over.

Can parties bring in outside caterers?

Yes, but we charge a $300 outside catering fee per party.

What is the catering service fee?

A 10% Service Fee will be added to our Picnic Sandwich Party & Grand Goblin Dinner packages, and all parties over 100 guests. This fee covers set up and clean up, serving equipment, and buffet-style serving if required.

Can you change or cancel a catering order?

2+ Weeks Ahead:
No penalty

2 weeks to 3 Days Ahead:
If the order contains these items, it will be subject to a cancellation fee.
BBQ Meats — 10%
Side Dishes — 10%
Cookie Tray — 10%
Fried Chicken — 10%

Less Than 72 Hours Before the Event:
If the weather prediction is good and the event is cancelled without being rescheduled, a 20% fee will be charged for all food in the order. If the event is rescheduled, the catering manager will evaluate the menu and party dates to determine if a cancellation fee is required.

Less Than 24 Hours Before Event:
If an order is cancelled less than 24 hours before an event, a 100% charge is required.

Can you cancel catering if there is bad weather?

Day of Event **Must  officially be considered inclement weather by the Vala’s Management Team**

24+ Hours Before Event

A party cancelling because of the threat of inclement weather, as determined by the Vala’s Management Team, will incur a 10% cancellation fee. Vala’s remains open rain or shine, and parties are welcome to come in any weather as long as Vala’s is still open. 

Less Than 24 Hours Before Event

A 50% charge is required if a weather-related cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the event. Vala’s remains open rain or shine, and parties are welcome to come in any weather as long as Vala’s is still open. 

How do I reserve a Campfire Site, Party Barn, Picnic Shelter, or Pavilion?

Reservations are made online starting June 1st. Vala’s has 74 campfire sites that can be reserved from 11am to 4pm or 5pm to closing time (9pm or 10pm depending on the day). Campfires can be reserved any day of the week. Discount campfire sites are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays throughout the season.

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