Someone asked me recently where we get ideas for new food items at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch, and I really couldn’t say. We have so many ideas, mountains of ideas, we’ve gathered through years of fair-going, amusement park touring, and traveling, and we’re constantly looking for ideas that are new and exciting. The Valas are a “foodie family,” especially Kyla, Kelsey and myself; we are passionate about finding, eating and creating great food, so adding to and improving our food options at Vala’s is a project we all look forward to each year.

Well, this year our Food Team made more changes to our overall food offerings at Vala’s than we’ve ever undertaken in the past, and we are so excited to share everything new with you! Here’s what to look for >>>

Grandma's Kitchen at Vala's
Grandma’s Kitchen (Formerly The Country Bakery)
The Country Bakery had been our largest food location since the 90’s, starting out as a true bakery with donuts, cookies and all baked good sold there, along with soup in a bread bowl. This year we took inspiration from our Grandma Lois’ Sunday Suppers and added a classic Nebraska menu, featuring Chicken Fried Steak and Kolaches. This is comfort food at its finest, and we hope you’ll stop in to try it out!

Zoe's Pizza at Vala's Pumpkin Patch
Zoe’s Pizza
We’re making our own pizza! This has been a goal for years, and we’re so happy to make it happen at this location. Fun Fact: Zoe is my 7-year-old daughter and a huge pizza lover (who isn’t?)! We’re serving personal pizzas or family-sized pizzas, so stop by for a fresh pizza pie straight from our amazing new ovens (they bake a pizza in 3 minutes!)!

Vala's Orchard Cider
The Cider House
Conveniently close to Zoe’s Pizza, we have a new hard cider location where you can stop in for a cool glass of our award-winning, farm-crafted hard cider! Try a tasting flight of four, then grab a bottle to take home, our ciders are available exclusively at Vala’s while we’re open. On weekends you can actually catch our cider at a third location as well, The Cider Wagon, located by Pork Chop Annie’s. More about our ciders>>

Farmer Jack's Pretzel Shack
Farmer Jack’s Pretzel Shack
These are hand made soft pretzels, Amish-inspired, brought to us by Ben’s Pretzels in Pennsylvania. Kelsey and I tried a sample at a food show, and we were completely hooked. These pretzels are the real deal, no messing around, so delicious, and we know you’re going to love them as much as we do! We’re serving them with a cheese dip or rolled in cinnamon sugar; a salty or a sweet version. You can also get it with soft serve ice cream and an almond praline crumble, so good! Oh, and to top it off, we’re selling Apple Cider Slushie Floats at this location as well, just an amazing treat, especially when it’s warm outside!

Town Square Churros
Yes, you read that right, churros! These are what I think of as our fun and exciting addition this year, because we developed three fantastic churro sundaes that we know will really be a hit!
** Flying Stunt Dog Sundae — A hot fudge glazed churro, vanilla soft serve, cocoa puffs that look like kibbles, and a doggie treat cookie!
** Fruity Flowers Sundae — A vanilla glazed churro rolled in Fruity Pebbles, vanilla soft serve, and fruity gummy candies
** Cinnamon Crunch Sundae — A classic cinnamon-sugar churro with vanilla soft serve and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal to top it off

For cool fall nights, warm up with a giant churro with hot fudge dipping sauce and a steaming cup of hot cocoa, yumm!

But wait, there’s more! Here are some other things to look for:
* Weekly specials, changing on Fridays: pies, donuts flavors, dessert bars in the exit bakery, fudge flavors
* New fancy caramel apples and fudge-dipped apples
* More cotton candy, find it in Lolo’s Fudge
* Cinnamon-glazed nuts, made at Lolo’s and sold at several locations
* Roasted Sweet Corn and Mexican Street Corn at Time Out Turkey Legs, weekends only

More about our food at Vala’s>>