We are doing our best to make sure our first every Donut & Pie Drive-Thru goes smoothly! Please read below for instructions and tips.

Pick Up Days & Times (See Image)

  • Our online store confirmation automatically says “Your order will be ready for pickup Friday after 8:00 AM.” We apologize for the confusion this causes. As you can see from the screenshot above, your actual pick-up time is further down in the email receipt under “Order Summary.” Please come on the date and time you chose when purchasing your goodies!
  • We make our signature food items fresh, the day of pick up, so we can NOT guarantee that we will have your items ready if you come on the wrong day.
  • HOURS: July 3rd, pick up 8am to 3pm; July 4th, pick up 8am to noon

Pick Up Instructions

  • Follow the signs to enter Vala’s Pumpkin Patch through our regular entrance on Schram Road.
  • We will have up to four lanes set up to pick up pre-purchased items.
  • Follow a lane until you reach a staff member with an iPad. Do not exit your car!
  • Show your confirmation email and give your name to the staff member (showing your information through the car window is fine, less contact is better!)
  • They will get your items and can hand them to you or place them in your trunk
  • You drive off, ready to eat! Please note, our exit for this event will be next to the entrance on Schram Road, please follow signs.


  • Don’t forget to tell us if you have multiple orders to pick up! They should show up under your name, but we don’t want to miss them!
  • We expect to be MOST busy for pick ups first thing in the morning, so if you’re trying to avoid a wait you should aim to pick up around 11am or 2pm on Friday, 11am on Saturday.
  • Do not exit your car!
  • If you have questions, please email info@valaspumpkinpatch.com or call 402-332-4200