Spring & Summer Events (NEW!)

We are taking reservations for weddings in 2017 and 2018! Please call 402-332-4200 or email info@valaspumpkinpatch.com for for details.

The beauty of selecting Vala's Pumpkin Patch as your wedding venue is our commitment to make your special day exactly as you vision. It is our belief that each event is a one of a kind event and together we can make it a day of your dreams.

Vala's Pumpkin Patch is offering two venue options for your event: The Pavilion or The Pie Barn.

The Pavilion

Maximum Capacity 250 guests

The Pie Barn

Maximum Capacity 150 guests

Both venues provide a magical, and beautiful experience for your special day.The goal of our special event staff is to make the event stress free for everyone involved. The base price for the use of either venue is $2,000.00 on Sunday-Friday and $2,500.00 on Saturdays. Call for catering options. A full beverage service is available during our spring and summer rentals only. Plus, we offer additional add-on items to make your event your own.

Call the Reservations Office at 402 332-4200 to schedule an appointment for your 2017 or 2018 event.

Fall Weddings

Available Friday, Sept. 16th through October 31st

A Fall wedding at Vala’s means that Vala’s Pumpkin Patch is open to the public. The Pavilion or Wooden Picnic Shelter is a private area for your guests but keep in mind that other customers of Vala’s will be on the property. Your event may be for a rehearsal dinner, a reception or a wedding ceremony with a reception. Closing time for the farm on Friday and Saturday is 10pm.

A fall wedding event at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch can be a magical, beautiful experience. Our Pavilion makes the perfect venue for a rehearsal dinner, reception or even a small wedding ceremony with reception.

For all events September 16th through October 31, Vala's Pumpkin Patch is open to the public and all of our fall festival activities are in full swing. That means that, while your guests will have a private area to gather, there will be other people on the farm enjoying Vala’s Pumpkin Patch at the time of your event. But, it also means that your guests will be able to enjoy all the festival activities themselves (try swinging by the Bouncing Pillows as a group!).


  • Rental Fee for the Pavilion or Campfire site. Get more information here>>
  • General Admission charge for each person’s entry into Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. Your guests can see all the attractions, take a hayrack ride, etc.
  • Catering Package, see menu for prices. A $200 charge is added to the invoice if an outside caterer is used.


  • Rental times are 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and/or 5 pm to 10:00 pm
  • Rental fee is $450 per time period or $900 for the day
  • Open air setting, so if weather is a concern, consider renting a tent that can be set up to the side.
  • Tables and benches within the Pavilion are provided. Tables are very heavy and cannot be moved. They are arranged for sitting down to a meal
  • 4 to 5 Food tables (ones without benches) are provided. These can be moved after the food is served to make room for other activities, such as dancing.
  • Additional picnic tables can be used outside the Pavilion.
  • Bar area is provided for refreshments, but no alcohol is permitted at Vala’s
  • Public Restrooms are provided. However, the bride and groom may wish to dress in their wedding attire before arriving at the farm.
  • A campfire area may be used next to the Pavilion for the Rehearsal Evening and/or the Wedding Reception.
  • A food line can be set up inside or outside the Pavilion. It is best to arrange for a double line if it is self-serve (both sides of the table) or have 2 identical serving lines if staff is serving.
  • No nails may be used in decorating.


The Pavilion is ready for your use at 5:00 pm. It may be available sooner in the day if no other group has rented it.


If you have rented the Pavilion for the entire day you may arrive as early as 9:00 am to decorate.

Vala’s has a Catering Manager on duty during the season to help with food choices and serving for the reception. See our Catering Menu on the website. You may also have another caterer bring in food and serve.

If you are expecting deliveries (cake, flowers, caterers, DF, etc) assign someone to the front/parking lot area. Trucks and vehicles are not allowed inside of Vala's gates during hours of operation. Please contact our reservation manager to make arrangements for large deliveries.

Bird seed or bubbles are great to throw at the bride and groom but, please, no sparklers, plastic confetti, rice, or silk flower petals.

No alcohol is allowed at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch.

At the end of the night please assign someone to clear and strip the tables, pack up all your personal belongings and left-over food, beverages, and decorations. Vala’s will provide trash bags and containers.

Vala’s will do the cleaning of the floor and tables after the wedding reception.


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