ALL NEW for 2016!!

This year we’ve added our BIGGEST addition ever! We’re so excited for our guests to experience Freya’s Chicken Yard and all it has to offer. Here are the highlights:

The Egg Scramble
“What’s that new, huge yellow barn on the farm,” you ask? It’s the family-friendly dodge-ball egg-straveganza, we’re calling The Egg Scramble. Go ahead, start an egg fight (with foam balls, of course)! This huge attraction at the center of the all-new poultry-themed area, Freya’s Chicken Yard, will be every kid’s (and adult’s) favorite new play space, guaranteed. It’s what everyone is going to be talking about this fall!

The Pick-Up Chicks’ Revue
No, these chicks are not trying to pick you up. They’re just swooping by in their pickup to sing some barnyard tunes and tell pun-heavy jokes — you know the drill! Join right in with a “bock, bock” here and a “cluck, cluck” there.

Henway Piano
Kids can hop on and make a little music of their own on this huge piano at the center of our chicken yard!

Now the really important part… NEW FOOD!

The Roost
This is the ultimate snack shack for adults and kiddos to refuel between bouts of ball dodging. Load up on kettle corn (smells so good!), regular popcorn (Farmer Tim’s special request), soft pretzels, nachos with cheese, hot dogs, ice cream bars and more tempting treats.

Cousin’s Chik’n Shack
It’s chicken, chicken, chicken! Try our all new, soon-to-be signature item, the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich. It’s crispy and soft, salty and sweet — fall comfort food at its best! Other cousin favorites include chicken tenders and chicken sandwiches, all served with lots of sauces to choose from. You really can’t go wrong here.

Elsewhere on the Farm (Not Chicken, But Still New!)

The Great Pumpkin Maze Design

We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic Halloween movie, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, by partnering with Peanuts to create an iconic maze design featuring Linus and Sally waiting in the field for The Great Pumpkin.

The Candy Cannon
Our pumpkin cannon is getting turned toward YOU, but don’t worry. It’s spouting candy, to celebrate Halloween. Stop by to catch some candy, Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 6:45pm.

Pie for Breakfast
Who wouldn’t eat pie for breakfast? But new this year, The Pie Barn will be serving up breakfast pies (also known as quiche) on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Grab a slice while they last! Or do what Kelsey Vala does and just order pie.

Best Burgers Ever
Pork Chop Annie’s is stepping up their burger game with two new festival foods: The Boss Hog Burger and The Mac Attack Burger. The Boss Hog Burger is a carnivore’s dream, piled high with BBQ pulled pork, while The Mac Attack Burger is topped with creamy mac and cheese.

Pumpkin Funnel Cakes
We’ve made over the funnel cake, giving it a pumpkin patch twist! It’s pumpkin-y and topped with cream cheese icing — so good! Look for it at Legs & Cakes, our main funnel cake stop.

Season Pass Upgrade
Can’t get enough Vala’s Pumpkin Patch? Upgrade your one-time admission to a season pass, so you can keep coming back for more and more (well, until October 31st). Look for information near our exit.

Skeleton Mickey
Back by popular demand, Skeleton Mickey has returned with a new look and a new home.

Kelsey (and Pie) on TV!

What’s it like to grow up as “a Vala”? There’s a tough question. Glad she didn’t say that the hint of cool weather at the end of summer sent a panicky chill through her whole body, but maybe that was just me… Kelsey pulls out a very nice answer, plus she’s asked the dreaded pie case question — “What’s your favorite pie?” Could you pick one favorite please, Kelsey!? Oh, and say “Hi” to some of our Pie Barn super stars (Gerry!), doing their thing, making pie and being “the show.” No pressure guys.