What’s New for 2018!

Pick-Your-Own Apples:
We’ve planted over 30 varieties that ripen at different times during the fall season. Each day the orchard offers different varieties available for picking. Some of our favorites include EverCrisp, HoneyCrisp, JonaGold, Yellow Delicious, Fugi, IdaRed, and Cortland. Take a hayride to the orchard for a unique family apple-picking experience. Half-peck picking bags are $8.99 and hold about 10 lbs.

Fireworks over the Pumpkin Patch:
Find a viewing spot near The Pie Barn and watch a professional display of fall fireworks. The 8-minute show will begins at 9 pm every Friday.

Prairie Town:
Children love the Pumpkin Hollow Farmstead so we have expanded it this year to include a whole prairie town, with climbing rope bridges and houses. Fun for young children and their parents.

Storybook Garden:
Walk through the Storybook Barn and into the newly decorated garden. A new Humpty Dumpty will greet you and the Hungry Caterpillar will delight you. See the new Firehouse and the Sword in the Stone as well as an updated Three Billy Goats Gruff scene.

New Barnyard Adventure Ride designs:
This ride is free and a delight for children and their parents. See the new animated animal characters and sing along with the Barnyard Dance as you ride through the newly decorated corn crib.

We’ve added Skee-Ball to our Barnyard Sports area. Challenge your friends or parents for the high score.

Harvest Barn Donuts and Café:
Our donuts are so popular that we had to expand this building to accommodate the demand. Watch as we make our fresh, hot, cider donuts. Sit down and relax with a donuts and a cup of our custom-roasted coffee or hot spiced apple cider.

Best Breakfasts at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch

apple cider donuts

October Saturdays and Sundays a Vala’s Pumpkin Patch can be a little crazy, but one way to beat the crowd is to come early. Here are some of our best breakfast options if you’re one of the first people in the gate!

Location: Harvest Barn, 9am
This year we made over our Harvest Barn to be our new donut cafe, serving apple cider donuts (cinnamon sugar coated or glazed) and coffee all day. This is a great first stop at the pumpkin patch!

Location: The Country Bakery

The Country Bakery serves cinnamon rolls all day, topped with a whipped frosting that is amazing! First thing in the morning, they’re warm from the oven. And their bakery case is also filled with turnovers, pumpkin bread, and other treats that could easily pass for breakfast.

Location: The Pie Barn

You can always eat pie and coffee for breakfast (yumm!!), but on Saturdays and Sundays Kelsey is baking legitimate breakfast pies — Quiche! She fills our signature all-butter pie crust with a rich and creamy egg mixture, plus ham and cheese. It has to be the best breakfast option on the farm!

Location: The Big Barn Bakery

Most people wouldn’t head straight from the entrance to the exit, but our Big Exit Barn has a large variety of sweets that work great as breakfast treats. Their selection varies, but you can usually find muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin bars and lots more.

Kelsey (and Pie) on TV!

What’s it like to grow up as “a Vala”? There’s a tough question. Glad she didn’t say that the hint of cool weather at the end of summer sent a panicky chill through her whole body, but maybe that was just me… Kelsey pulls out a very nice answer, plus she’s asked the dreaded pie case question — “What’s your favorite pie?” Could you pick one favorite please, Kelsey!? Oh, and say “Hi” to some of our Pie Barn super stars (Gerry!), doing their thing, making pie and being “the show.” No pressure guys.